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Welcome to Nomad Gnome!!...a place for people who like to dress outside the box. Most of the items in my store are either made by me in Western Australia or made in small family businesses in Kathmandu Nepal.

 I specialise in clothing for festivals for both patrons and performers and what I don't make myself I mainly buy directly from the people who make the clothing so the people who produce the clothing are paid directly and there are no middle men taking their share.

I Generally only have small quantities of each piece produced to try and avoid everyone you know owning the same clothing. This does however mean that everything in my Fremantle store is unfortunately not able to be photographed for the website . If you are looking for something you have seen in the shop please feel free to contact me .

Happy Shopping!!!

Oh and please come and visit me in my Fremantle shop if you haven't already.

Shop 14

27-35 William Street


PH: 0410 436209

Open: Thurs Friday and Saturday 10-4

Open some Sundays


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