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Double Pocket leaf belt AU$79


Fabric: Organic twill cotton with embroidery, brass snaps and rings 

Beautiful functional and flattering double belt with many pockets.

On each side is a teardrop shape with embroidered Leaf veins on the flap of the pocket. Each of

On the back is a lovely heart which is also a secret velcro stash pocket.

The front has two small zipper pockets.

On the backside are two more zipper pockets for your passport or anything you don't need constant access to but want to have them close by and secure.

There are rings on the belt to clip your tail onto and a very small water bottle.

The belt is adjustable at the back eight the criss cross ties.

One colour combo : Black with Olive. (pictured).

Size: there are 2 sizes, both generous. A smaller size can be made by taking out the middle heart panel

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