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Goa Steampunk Fusion Vest. AU$149


Fabric: Organic twill canvas cotton body with organic lycra blend fringe and brass 'antique' snaps


Inspired by a steampunk or burlesque under bust corset vest, yet with a modern 'Goa' influenced twist. The Goa comes from a part of India where there is a fusion of global influence happening in North Goa, in Arambol. From psy-trance dance parties, to international travellers and vendors.


The vest is adjustable on each side with lacing and under the bust with the snaps. The collar can be worn up or down. The neckline is a low scope but covers the nipples so technically the vest could be worn on its own.


The pockets are real on both sides. On each front shoulder are 2x D rings. The body is made from canvas twill cotton, as well as the first layer of the ruffles. Secured underneath is a longer fringe which is organic lycra cotton.


The design is higher in the front and longer at the back, referencing a suit like tail at the back.

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